Q:What is the difference between Nihon-Buyo and Jiuta-mai? What is the defference between Jiutam-mai and Kamigata-mai?
Nihon-Buyo is evolved from Kabuki dance, mainly developed in Edo, and called "Odori". Jiuta-mai is evolved in Japanese room of high societies dance, mainly developed in Kyoto-Osaka area, and called "Mai". Nihon-buyou is based on which in the big stage, Jiuta-mai is based on which in Japanese room. These make much difference between Nihon-buyou and Jiuta-mai.
When we dance with "Jiuta", which is played by professional musicians in Kyoto-Osaka area, it's called "Jiuta-mai". Other side, when we dance with "Kamigatauta", which is popular in towns in Kyoto-Osaka area, it's referred to as "Kamigata-mai". When you call them together, it is called "Zashiki-mai".

Q: I have no Yukata. Can I attend the class?

Free rental Yukata is available. Please offer at the time of reservation.
In that case, please prepare your underwear for Yukata and Tabi.

Q: I cannot bring my Yukata, because I will go the class after my work.
There is a shelf where you can put your training clothes.
Most students wrap it in a Furoshiki.

Q: I have Yukata, but I can't wear by myself.
We will help you to wear. Bring your Yukata, Obi and articles.
You can wear Yukata by yourself after several times. We can help you to wear Kimono, also.

Q:Let me know what I shall prepare to wear Yukata.
If you can, please prepare "a pair of white Tabi", "Yukata", "Obi for Yukata", two "Strings", "Datejime-string", "Underwear(Chemise or Juban) " and "Suteteko (Long Underpants)".
But, at first, you can practice without "Suteteko".

Q: Can I Attend wearing Kimono?
Of course. Appear with your favorite.

Q: Do you have Age Limitation?
We have no limitation. But, if your age is under 12, please advise me.

Q: I am ancsious about economic matter becase I heard that traditional lesson costs high.
Lesson Fee, Ougi for lesson(10,500yen) and appearing small performace fee (once per year, around 15,000yen) are all.
So, no other cost will be required, i.e. purchasing Kimono, Obligation of relationship...etc.
All students could concentrate his or her lesson for long period without any inconvenient.
After several years, if you want, we can prepare the opportunity to perform on stage at Theater.
When your skill is well advanced, we will allow the title "natori".
If you have additional request, we will procede hearing your hope.