I helped dressing kimono for Republic of Lithuanian ambassadress and their daughter.

At the request of the Lithuanian Friendship Association, Mrs. Rasa, THe ambassador's wife, and their daughter experienced the kimono.
It was a hot day, but the bright smiles of them were impressive.
With Secretary General Sakamizu and Director Ando.

Aug. 2021

We held " Kirizaki Zashiki-Mai no Kai 6th".

19 ladies of our Mai Lesson Dojo, performed their Mai-dance.
This was done while taking measures against infection with the Covid-19. The two new Natori inheritores were in long hemed kimono. The other students also showed off thier dances.

21th March. 2021
At Yoyogi-Nobutai, Hatsudai
Photo Matsumoto Kazuyuki

Interview articles are published in "Utsukushii Kimono (Beautiful Kimono) Spring 2020 issue"

On the pages which is special featuring of "To Ridiscover of tailoring" (p228-p229)
Please check it out.

"Utsukushii Kimono (Beautiful Kimono) by Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd." (hearst. co.jp)

We experienced Tea ceremony.

A small play party to enjoy Japanese tradition in a small Japanese-style room named "Kirinoha-kai".
Fifth party was to experienced the Tea ceremonu instructed by Tsurujo.
There is a song called "Cha ondo (Song of Tea)" , in which the movement of tea ceremony is corporated into the choreography.
The tea ceremony experience will be help to understand the movements.

5th Dec. 2020

We had a ceremony for giving a stage name as an inheritor

In the presence of a senior disciples of Hananomikai, we held a Natori ceremony. Natori means to giving a stage name asa an inheritor.
I am relieved to have someone who can entrust me with what i inherited from my teacher Kanzaki Hidejo.

New Inheritors are "Tamatsuru (treasure of crane) " and "Kojo (Coral Lady)" .
We will continue to devote ourselves together.

14th Nov. 2020

Adopted by "Ale for Art" a project sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment.

In order to prevent the infection of the Covid-19, I challenged how far I could prepare by myself, no make-up artist, no dresser, no wig professionals, no lighting person, no photographer, and no stage director.
Jiutamai was originally performed in tatami room without dressing up. The original appearance was with Japanese hair and with kimono long hem.
One of the purposes was how much we could feel it in this era. To have gained a lot of awareness was great harvest for me.

The more things we can do alone, the easier it will be to show off anywhere in the world, both physically and economically.
I would like to continue practicing these things so that I can share them not only with my students but also with many people.

"Tsuyu ha Obana (Dew and Pampas grass)"
(Song and Shamisen by Ohara Nao -recorded)


We challenged sewing up a Yukata.

A small play party to enjoy Japanese tradition in a small Japanese-style room named "Kirinoha-kai".
Forth party was "Challenging to sew up a Yukata from clothe instructed by Tsurujo.
Someone attended by on-line, someone attended at the room.
Someone started the second one immediately after this class.

May to July 2020 All 4 times

We held " Kirizaki Zashiki-Mai no Kai 5th".

17 ladies of our Mai Lesson Dojo, performed their Mai-dance.
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the event was held privately.
As the remaining snow fell, they performed their dances while being watched by their friends.

14th March. 2020
At Yoyogi-Nobutai, Hatsudai
Photo Matsumoto Kazuyuki

We experienced "Golden Joinery - Kintsugi"

A small play party to enjoy Japanese tradition in a small Japanese-style room named "Kirinoha-kai".
Third party was "Golden Joinery - Kintsugi". Instructor was Yamada Emi.
We are impressed when the attached vessel was revived with a little gold.

2nd Nov. 2019

We challenges resizing kimono by ourselves.

A small play party to enjoy Japanese tradition in a small Japanese-style room named "Kirinoha-kai".
Second party was "Challenging resizing kimono " I, Tsurujo was the instructor.
Participants seemed to be confident by understanding the mechanism of kimono..

6th July 2019

Interview articles are published in the series of "Kimono people" in HP of Takarakinu- pure domestic silk,

Takara-kinu is the name of pure domestic silk. This is the group of the companies of puroductions or sales companies of silk, indispensable for kimono.
Before the World War II, most kimono are made of pure domestic silk, but now the persentage of domestic silk is less than 0.6%, The silk spit out by Japanese silk moths has great features. So our ancestors use out the silk. After wearing it asa a kimono, it was remade into a futon, and kimono for babies, cushions, bags, dusters, dolls and small bean bag for girls toys.
I hope people get more attention.

Interview article published in Rerise News, "Creators of Beautiful Times".

Rerise News is a magazine which provides humans with opportunities in the AI era and rerises the present from the unseen future.

Please check it out.

We experienced "Ceremony of Hearing Incense" in Kirinoha-kai

A small play party to enjoy Japanese tradition in a small Japanese-style room named "Kirinoha-kai".
First party was "Ceremony of Hearing Incense".
.We spent an elegant time under the guidance of Professor Ski sensei of Oie ryu keisetsu kai.
11th May 2018

Speached at " School of Road 6th in 2018"
Organized by Keio University Graduate school SDM Human Labo.

I was speached at the special class organized by Professor of Keio Univ. Maeno Takashi, studying Happiness, Doctor of Tokyo Univ. Inaba Toshiro and Hariya Kazumasa on 12th March 2019.

The class dealed with the difference of western and orient, for examble sport, martial arts, pictures, philosophy, religion and thought.
After danced "Ukifune", I told about the thought of teaching tradition in present situation in Japan. After that, I had everyone experienced the "Mai"dance.

Someone gave me good impression. I was releaved.

We held " Kirizaki Zashiki-Mai no Kai 4th".

14 ladies and 1 girl of our Mai Lesson Dojo, performed their Mai-dance.
At the Noh stage built in 1933 in Hatsudai, each person showed their charm. It was a warm and intense time with dozens of audiences watching.

8th March. 2019
At Yoyogi-Nobutai, Hatsudai
Photo Matsumoto Kazuyuki

We held " Kirizaki Tsurujo 2nd Jiuta-Mai Performance".

I could performe with soft and nervous air by warm visitors and staffs.
To preparing is very tough work, espacially promotion for tickets.
But through this hard days, I noticed that to have an experience to ask from deep of my heart to others.
It swept my ego and bad pride away, and it made me sensitive for the warm heart of others.

Thank you very much for the visitors, the visitors who couldn't visit and the visitors who will visit.
I would like to cherish the emotional connection with others.

"Ougi Zukushi"

Singer and Sangen : Ohara Nao

Stage Manager : Matsunaga Kazunori
Make up : Arai Kiyoshi
Hair : Oosawa Kanehisa
Kimono : Kobayashi Isho
Dressing : Kuruma Migiwa
Lighting : Murakami Masao
Announcer : Tawara Noe
Title Lettering : Ookoshi Sanso

26th Sat. May, 2018
Kioi Small Hall

"Ougi Zukushi"
Celebration of everyone's fortune.

Move to youtube.

A sea lady who falled in love with a noble man,
enters the sea for the sake of her child to regain the jewel
which was robbed by Ryujin.
She jumped into Ryujin's castle with her sword, took the jewel, but many subordinates followed her,
so cut off under her bust and pushed it itno, and pull the rope to signal for the people on the ship.
She floated on the surface and handed it them.
The beach was excited with joy.
"I am your mother!" Her voice was in vain.
Her figure disappeared between the waves.

Move to youtube.

We held " Kirizaki Zashiki-Mai no Kai 3rd".

10 ladies and 1 girl of our Mai Lesson Dojo, performed their Mai-dance.
In the warm atomosphere of audience helps their performmances. Each was excellent.

10th March. 2018
At Yoyogi-Nobutai, Hatsudai

Jiuta-Mai Traditional Performance in Lithuania

30th (Mon) Oct, 2017 17:00-19:00 at Mykolo Romerio Universitetas (Rotonda Hall)
Special Lecture about Japanese Traditional Movement, Culture & Mentality

Mai Performance
"Zangetsu” (Pail moon in the morning)
Someone says that the person who
died lives on the moon. When I
miss you, I look up at the moon.

"Matsu-zukushi” (All kind of pine trees)
Show you various type of pines. Descend pine, white pne, small pine, couple pines….
All pines have green lieves even in winter. They are full of energy.

Special Lecture
Japanese traditional method to handle your body and mind
How to wear Yukata (adjust yourself to goods)

Photo by Sakamizu Hisayuki

Posture, Breathing, Walking without kicking ground,

How to inform your emotions to toes and fingertips from core of your belly area etc.
Japanese traditional method to handle your body and mind
Realize moving from body core and bone structure. It includes not only traditional way of thinking, cherish the harmony, but also the way treating your mind.
Recognize relationship based on synchronized breathing.
Show you how to dress Yukata for Lithuanian people.

Photo by Sakamizu Hisayuki

Try to dance “Sakura Sakura”

Photo by Karolina Zakarauskaitė   Photo by Sakamizu Hisayuki

*Please enjoy the "Matsu-zukushi" on Youtube.

31th (Tue) Oct, 2017 11:00-11:30 at Lithuania National Culture Center
Mai Performance
"Kurokami” (Black hair)
A lady is waiting for her lover through the night.
But he never comes. White snow begins to fall. She warm her hands alone.

                    Photo by Sakamizu Hisayuki

3rd (Fri) Nov, 2017   18:00- 20:00
Japan-Lithuania Traditional And Contemporary Dance Charity Concert at Nacionalinis Kauno Dramos Teatras

【Shakuhachi(Japanese Traditional Flute)】 Mr. Irie Yosuke
【Contemporary Dance 】 Aura dance Academy
Mai Performance】 Kirizaki Tsurujo
"Zangetsu” (Pail moon in the morning)
"Matsu-zukushi” (All kind of pine trees)

photo by Linas Vasiliauskas

【Talk Show】 Bella Shirin, Sakamizu Hisayuki, Aura Dance Academy, Kirizaki Tsurujo, Kishida Maria (Interpreter)

【Contemporary Dance 】 Aura dance Academy
Mai Performance】 Kirizaki Tsurujo
"Kurokami” (Black hair)

photo by Linas Vasiliauskas      photo by Linas Vasiliauskas

*Please enjoy the "Zangetsu" on YouTube.

Recieved the letter of appriciation

from Mayer of Kaunas and from Childfood cancer fund "Rugutė".

All Performances and Special Lectures in Lithuania are
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo
    (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Go to the site of Arts Council Tokyo

It was wonderful experience for me in Lithuania. I feel some sympathy in Lithuanian people because of their warm and kind personality.

The girl whom I helped to wear Yukata said that she feel comfortable and fit for her. It was great pleasure for us. But I studied some point through the events. In Mykolo Romerio Universitetas, I proposed to try the movements for understanding the charactristic of Japanese Dance. But it would be better to try other way. And I'm regretting my attitude to teaching. My idea is that the essence of the Japanese culture is "to syncronize breathing". When make a consensus not by debating but by caring other's feeling. But my attitude in my lecture was not so. I'm afraid I was pressing my idea to attendants. I'm going to remake my lecture.

In Lithuania National Culture Center many professional staff of every kind of culture is working. I allowed to perform in the center. I feel their interests and consideration. After the performance, some people asked me the reason to bend my knees or the reason to hide my arm in the sleeve. I felt the sense of unity. It was wonderful experience for me.

In kaunas, we held the event with Contemporary Dance.
The purpose was to understand both the modern contemporary dance and old traditional Japanese dance, Jiuta-mai by comparing each other.
First the audience watch the contemporary dance and Jiuta-mai without explanation. And then we talk about the difference of the dances. Mr. Sakamizu explained the difference as " Dynamics and stillness"-- in Japan, we try to communicate deeply without talking or expressing. After the explanation, the audience watch the contempoary dance and Jiuta-mai again. After the talking time, the atomosphere was wonderful. So I can dance with nice tension of feelings.

The next day (4th Nov.), Lithuania and Japan Joint Concert was held. At the roby of the concert, some people talked to me that they watched my dance and they like it. It was our great pleasure and honor.

This event was charity for the childfood cancer funding, so the mayer of Kaunas and the Charity funding "Rugutė" gave me the letter of appriciation. I appriciate very much. This is much thank to Mr. Sakamizu and his friends.

Through this trip, I wear Kimono all the time outside the hotel. It was my great challenge because I grew up with western style clothes. Lithuanian people showed me obviously different reaction from Japanese people. It was intersting experience.

Our team

Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Nihonbashi Machi College 
To be beautiful forever by easy way!!
Opened Course, "How to use your body by Japanese Old Method"

Course was opend on 30 July, 2017 at Mitsukoshi Culter Salon (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi New Building 9F).

Totally about 20 people, varous age and female and gentlemen, joined this course. This time instruction and experieced work was focused on purely body exercise. Experienced small exercises at early part and full exercise at later part. All students worked seriously and time passed in no time.

Thank you for all the participants.

Jiuta-Mai Appreciation & Experience Class at Coredo Muromachi III had been finished.
We had 8 classes since July, 2014. This is the last time.

[Jiuta-Mai Appreciation Class]
As firsts stage the attendants appreciated Jiuta ”Cha-ondo”( Tea Ceremony). I introduced the charactaristic of this Song and gave the explanation the meaning of this Lyrics, and show various meaning of the song. Before appreciating the next stage we explained Jiuta “Fumi-tsuki (July)" . (30 Minutes)

[Jiuta Sangen Experience Class]
This time, we teached how to play the instrument "Sangen (Shamisen)". And everyone tried to play it one after another(45 minutes)

[Mai Experience Class]
This is the last time, so we tried all theme since 2014. The attendants played actually a first part of “Gosho-no-oniwa” by using introduced all themes from 1st theme; Basic methods, good posture, good standing-up&sitting-down style, good walking style, good breath way etc., 2nd theme; glance, 3rd theme; direction change, 4th theme; Moving with Scapulas, 5th theme; how to move with your hole body and 6th theme, relax your muscles.

And attendants exclaimed ooing and aaing.

At the previous classes I received voices as "hip has become easier", "knee is no longer said jittery" or "I feel hot" etc.. Many attendants had experienced new feeling, to move with their hole body and excited very much.

The secrets of Mai is not transcendentaI skill. If you pay conscious to your body, you can do easily. But if you want to do it without consciousness, you must practice hard. I proceeded this class that the attendants could feel how to use their body smoothly increasing their inner sensors talking with the body itself. It is very difficult to change the present body conditions and/or habits but I hope the attendants to care their body condition in their daily life. (45 minutes)

(Please Check on Japanese Page)

We had
On:25th November(Fri) , 2016
18:30 - 20:30

At: Kyoraku-tei
(COREDO Muromachi 3 3F)
Direct connection with Mitsukosi-mae St.
(Ginza-line, Hanzomon-line)

Performed Mai at "Akasaka Kinryu" for Winter One day Course of Mitsukoshi Culture Salon

Performed Mai, "Kage Boushi" at Japanese Old Fashion Restruant, "Kinryu" located at Akasaka, Tokyo for winter one day course planned by Mitsukoshi Culture Salon.

Many Japanese Old Fashion Restruant, Ryoutei, was open at Asakasa but one Ryoutei closed in this March. One only 4 Ryoutei restruant is open now.
According to explanation of this restruant manager it is prohibited to build a new wooded houses because of firelighting law. Large wooded boulding like Ryoute restruant might be destined to fade away.

I appreciated to participants who joined this course.
Thank you.

" Chiisana Mai no Kai" was finished.

We held "Chiisana Mai no Kai (small workshop of Mai) " at Gallery space S in Oyamadai, Setagaya, Tokyo.

First (24. Sept. 2016)      The theme were "The difference between Nihon-buyo and Mai" and "The types of Mai". We performed 3 types of Mai ("Kosu no to", "Takasago" and "Rokkasen") and explained about them.

Second (10. Dec. 2016)     The theme was "The difference between Jiutamai and Kamigatamai". We performed 2 types of Mai ("Nagoya-obi" and "Aki no yo (a night of autumn)") and explained about them. After that we tried how to move with the method of Mai and Japanese old techniques.

Third (18. Feb. 2017)       We performed "Mizukagami" and gave brief explanation. Most of the class, we tried how to move with the method of Mai and we tried to master the famous song "Sakura Sakura".

1/4 to 1/3 of attendants was male, so we enjoyed energish atomosphere.

We held " Kirizaki Zashiki-Mai no Kai 1st".

3 members of our Mai Lesson Dojo, performed their Mai-dance.
The ambience of the building and water improved the atomosphere of our performances.

6th Feb. 2016
At Kiyosumi-Garden, Ryo-tei

"Dance of the world"

          has published.

In this book, I wrote about "Jiutamai in Tokyo".

1. Kanzaki Em -Era of No Barrier
2. Kanzaki Hide -Irresistible elegance in Tokyo
3. Kanzaki Hidejo -Artistry and Tradition
4. Current Kanzaki
5. Technique learning of Mai and Sense of Body in Japanese Tradition

I hope you read this articles.

Published on 25th, November 2015
Published by Fumaido Shuppan
Price 2300yen + Tax

Please contact us.

E-mail     info@tsurujo.jp