I am capturing lesson Dojo to skill up own ability by trail and error. "Mai" has a lot of intelligent from Edo period how to feel beauty not only through eyes but from atmosphere and how to use own body by natural way.

As beginning we will learn the best way to perform the body without connection to age by sharpening sensibility, feeling bone, body core, "Tanden"(a point in the low abdomen) and flow of "Ki" energy.

Express various emotion and mind from sensitive movement transmitted from core to tips, i.e. breast to eyes, from breast to fingertip, from waist to tiptoe and etc..

Additionally we could create Japanese traditional spiritual world, where the scene not visible can be seen and the sound that is not audible can be heard, while feeling depth and density of space and time.

We will proceed the lesson with above contents.

One-to-one lesson by appointment only.
You could concentrate to practice without any disturbance.
We will give you the best lesson to meet your individual ability.

40 Min. ~ 1 Hour

        10,000 yen   
 (6 Lessons, 8 Lessons per Month are Available) 
3,000 yen
             (First Time 1,500 yen)


      Meguro-ku Jiyugaoka-Jyuku Center 3rd Room (Japanese Style Room) Meguro-ku, Jiyugaoka 1-24-12 (MapLinkIcon
       5min. walk from the Jiyugaoka St. (Tokyu, Toyoko-line or Ooimachi-line) (Next to Kumano-Shrine)

               *Class Room will be changed to near location.
      (*If you want to practice exept above days, please advise me your suitable days, time and place.)

The lesson visitting your place. You can practice personaly or with friends or family together.
Reservation can be made more than 2 persons.

about 1 Hour.

    24,000 yen (minimum)

    6,500 yen (minimum)
      (Transportation fee is not included)

Mail to info@tsurujo.jp

Now in the participant recruitment             

                      Wednesday (3 times / month)

             Yamato Studio 2   Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 6 chome
               5min. walk from No. 1 Exit of Tsukiji St. (Metro Hibiya Line)
               4min. walk from Tsukiji-shijoSt. (Toei Oedo Line)

             *This class is organized by "Nihonbashi-Jiutamai-no-Kai".
              Please contact to "Nihonbashi-Jiutamai-no-Kai". (gmonamu@gmail.com 090-8490-3874 )

Miki Yamato Photography

Items to Bring: 
・A pair of White Tabi (White Socks are available at first time)
・Yukata, Obi and Dressing Articles (Dressing will be helped)
 (We can rent you Yukata and Obi for free.)
Other expence:
・We have Ougi(Sensu) for rent for Beginners.
 We recommend to purchase Ougi for continuous lesson.
  (10,500 yen)
・We recommend to appear on the small performance
 to present your efforts. (aroud 10,000 yen / once per year)
  • *No additional expences is required.
  • *Admission charge is not required.

・Please pay at class room by cash.

・We will send you confirmation e-mail after we receive your application.
 If you are not receiving our e-mail, please check your spam folder or contact us.
 (nfo@tsurujo.jp or 050-3736-8277)

  • 1969      Entered Japanese Traditional Dance School
  • 1979      Entered Japanese Tea Ceremony School (Ura-Senke)
  • 1993      Allowed 3rd Degree Instructor of Tea Ceremony (Ura-Senke)
  • 1993-      Became Disciple of Kanzaki Hidejo, Maestro of "Mai", Japanese Traditional Dance
  • 1999       Allowed Master Title "Natori" of "Mai"
  • 2001      Left Toshiba Corp. and dedicated to "Mai"
  • 2000-2002   Humanity and Social Sciences of Waseda University (Study of Dance,”Mai”)
  • 2002       Graduate School of Waseda University (Study of Dance,”Mai”) (Dropout)
  • 2002-      Study under Elder Disciple of "Mai", Ootomo Seijo
  •          Member of Self Study and Lesson Group of "Mai", Hananomi-kai
  • 2005-6     Instructer of "Mai School for Children" in Minato-ku Jidokan in Tokyo
  • 2011      Established Kirizaki School of "Mai"
  •         Had Recitals "Kirizaki Tsurujo Mai No Kai"
  • 2013-     Organize Tsurujo's Jiuta-mai Lesson Dojo
  • 2014-     Host Trial Lesson of Zashikimai and Jiuta-sangen
  • 2015     Wrote about "Jiutamai in Tokyo" in the book "DANCES OVER THE WORLD II"
  • 2015-     Teach at "Nihonbashi JIutamai no Kai"

     ・Appeared Many Stages in National Theater, Kioi Theater and others